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Too often patients present in emergency or urgent care setting because they don't know where else to go or can't get an appointment with their GP. 

Likewise, patients requesting same-day appointments with a GP often do not need them.

Visiba Triage, powered by Red Robin, offers an impactful solution.

Patients can submit their symptoms quickly, easily and confidentially via an app or web portal.

Healthcare providers, armed with reliable patient summaries showing urgency and likelihood of differential diagnoses, can then confidently and efficiently direct patients to the best point of care - easing pressure on urgent and emergency care and managing demand for same-day appointments.

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Accurate, Responsible AI

Visiba Triage is powered by Red Robin, a registered medical device that uses AI for enhanced accuracy. 

Red Robin uses a transparent, traceable, probabilistic network developed using Responsible AI Principles.


Refined using real-world data

Red Robin's unique clinical feedback loop enables continual improvement of the model using real-world cases. 

100,000 clinical cases have been evaluated by practising clinicians and used to refine the model so far -  with another 5,000 cases coming in each month.


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