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Better care starts with smarter software


Impactful AI triage

Why partner?

When considering developing a triage solution, the amount of time and complexity involved are often underestimated. Creating a safe, accurate and approved medical device is no small undertaking.

We've been developing and continually refining Visiba Triage for over 5 years. 

From the accuracy of the model, through to our clinical feedback loop and image analysis, everything has been tried, tested, refined and improved.

If you're thinking of developing a triage solution, let's speak. We're open to partnerships that enable global healthcare providers to benefit from impactful AI-enabled triage sooner rather than later.


our ecosystem approach

Partnerships with other providers

We aim to deliver market-leading healthcare technology that enables healthcare providers better serve their patients. To do this we work hard to fit within existing ecosystems - something that is sometimes best achieved in partnership with other providers.

We partner with other innovative providers who share our vision of delivering smarter technology to help healthcare to deliver better care.

If you share our vision and think there might be an opportunity for us to work together, then get in touch. 

Partnership Opportunities

If you'd like to explore how we might partner, then get in touch. Hannah Gibson, our Global Head of Partnerships is always keen to explore new opportunities.

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