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Smarter software. Better healthcare.

Why we do what we do

We believe that technology can help healthcare to more efficiently deliver high quality, patient-centric care.

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Our mission

When accessing healthcare, patients need to feel assured that they are in good hands, regardless of how they access it. Equally, those working in healthcare must feel confident that they can deliver the care they would like.

When that trust exists, digital ways of working should be rewarding. We don't work with the digitalisation of healthcare because we are fascinated by the technology; our passion is what that technology can do for people. That's why we have created software for healthcare that makes technology work for people. Not the other way around.

Our story

Visiba was founded in Sweden in 2014. When we started, there was no system like ours on the European market. At the time, few people thought that a digital consultation could replace a physical appointment. We, on the other hand, thought it was unreasonable that healthcare services would not be able to take advantage of new technological possibilities in a way that would benefit them and their patients.

Today, Visiba maintains the same focus on developing technology that enables healthcare providers to use technology to deliver better care and is leading the way in AI-enabled triage.

Visiba has customers across Northern Europe and every 25 seconds, a patient receives care through our technology. Our technology is used by healthcare providers that range from medium-sized private clinics to sizeable public healthcare organisations. 

Visiba brings extensive experience in digital transformation. We develop and deliver our technology and services in collaboration and with great respect for our customers' expertise, abilities and challenges.

Our vision is of healthcare services transformed by the use of technology that creates the capacity to deliver care that improves people's lives. 

This is our culture

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We care

  • For each other, by being warm, attentive and respectful.
  • For our customers by going the extra mile to help them succeed.
  • For society by contributing to a healthy and sustainable world.
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We act

  • With passion and curiosity to accomplish great things.
  • With a pragmatic mindset, focused on getting things done.
  • By celebrating each other’s achievements and having fun.
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We grow

  • As individuals by challenging and supporting each other.
  • As a team by sharing knowledge and aligning our goals.
  • As a company by aiming high, driving and embracing change.
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