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Right patient, right place, first time 

Visiba Triage is powered by Red Robin, a registered medical device that uses AI for enhanced accuracy.

Harnessing the power of AI, Red Robin mimics human decision-making to ensure safe and efficient access to healthcare.

Built on a probability-based network and refined using feedback from real-world cases, Red Robin is continually updated and improved by our medical insights team.


transforming busy services

Experience the impact of AI-enabled triage


Ease pressure

Reduces workloads by:

  • automating patient history taking and analysis of clinical images 
  • providing potential diagnoses with associated probabilities and an urgency score
  • helping to direct patients to the most appropriate point of care at first contact.

Improve efficiency

Frees up time for:

  • Receptionists, administrative staff and call-handlers 
  • Clinicians who can review the patient history, images and probable diagnoses before meeting the patient.
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Increase adoption

Easy-to-use system improves:

  • Staff satisfaction and morale - helping to reduce stress levels and create a more positive work environment
  • Patient experience by directing queries to the right person, right away.


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patient-centric care

Intelligent history-taking

Patients access Red Robin via an app or desktop portal where they enter a free text description of their symptoms. This is followed by a series of questions and confirming prompts directly related to each previous answer and based on probability of diagnosis.


95% of patients complete the Red Robin chat in 2 mins 30 seconds.


supporting clinicians

Informed decision support

Red Robin uses the information collected to assess urgency and provide a list of possible differential diagnoses. 

The patient history with denied and confirmed symptoms as well as images, urgency and differential diagnoses are then sent to the healthcare professional for review, action and feedback.

Refined using clinical feedback from over 80,000 real-world patient cases

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refined using real-world data

Continually improving medical accuracy

Red Robin is continually refined using real-world data from practising clinicians.
Each time a clinician closes a case, they are able to feedback on the accuracy of Red Robin's differential diagnosis and urgency rating. 
This real-world feedback is used to continually improve Red Robin - ensuring the triage process becomes more precise, accurate and efficient over time.
Red Robin recognises over 800 symptoms and risk factors and over 500 differential diagnoses.

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