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Experience the impact of AI-enabled triage


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easing the burden on primary care

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The pressure on PCNs and GP Practices has never been greater, with overwhelming patient demand, staff shortages and pressure to deliver on multiple new remits.

Our market-leading AI-enabled triage solution, coupled with a tried and tested digital care platform are proven to ease pressure and free up time in primary care.

AI-enabled triage is key to effectively managing the increasing number of patients seeking healthcare without the need for additional workforce.

Telephone access improved from 60 to 95%


AI-enabled triage

Experience the impact of AI-enabled triage

By implementing AI-powered triage systems, the NHS can ensure safe and efficient access to healthcare when patients need it most.
Our AI-enabled triage solution, Red Robin, is medically trained and is built on a probability-based network - meaning it mimics human decision-making to help make more informed decisions.
Red Robin is a registered medical device that adheres to the latest and most stringent regulatory requirements. Our commitment to quality ensures compliance and instils confidence in effectiveness and safety for healthcare providers and patients alike.
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Medically-trained and validated

Red Robin uses a probability-based network, has been medically trained and is continually evaluated by doctors.

Informed by large volumes of medically reviewed real-world patient cases, Red Robin continuously learns under the guidance of a medical insights team.

There is absolute transparency around how Red Robin learns and comes to decisions - ensuring complete traceability and confidence in safety and accuracy.

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The Visiba Care Platform

Visiba’s Digital Care Platform enables healthcare teams to communicate seamlessly and securely with patients and each other. It features a digital front door for patients  (available via desktop and app) and a desktop digital care platform for healthcare professionals. 



Reliable and relevant patient histories

Patients don’t need to repeat their symptoms to different people, multiple times. They can be directed to the right point of care, first time based on the information Red Robin collects.

Healthcare professionals can consult with patients armed with accurate, relevant information about new symptoms - freeing up time for care.


Digital front door for patients

Our easy-to-use patient portal means patients can access the services they need quickly and easily.

From seeking treatment for new symptoms to admin requests, signposting, or appointments with specific clinicians or clinics – it’s all there on the app or website.


Prioritised patient care at first contact

Red Robin means you can confidently triage and prioritise patients at first contact  - ensuring they receive timely and appropriate care from the most relevant healthcare professional.

You can even automate triage, sending specific groups to specific routes - maximising the use of ARRS roles.

Safe, Secure and Efficient

Our platform is designed in collaboration with clinicians to enable you to engage with patients efficiently and safely. The patient portal and Red Robin work together with our digital care platform to ensure efficient, secure communication and administration between patients and their healthcare teams – easing the administrative burden and freeing up resources.


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