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First-line triage services depend on large numbers of non-clinical staff using simplistic technology.  This results in over-triage of low acuity patients to high acuity settings - that do not have the capacity to cope.

Visiba triage enables clinical providers to quickly understand urgency and symptoms to triage patients appropriately.


38% more cases closed with home management/no onward referral 


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"By optimising access, we ensure patients receive the best care when and where they need it. The positive feedback from patients and clinicians reinforces our unwavering commitment to driving change and making a lasting impact on the patients we serve."

Dr Laura Geddes

Working with LCW in London

London Central and West (LCW) provide Integrated Urgent Care Services to a population of 4.6 million people. 

LCW have introduced Visiba Triage to route patients more efficiently within existing pathways.  Here's how it works:

  • When patients call NHS111, voice recognition software identifies those who are appropriate to use Visiba Triage and they are given the option to do so.
  • If they opt in, a link is texted to the patient who then shares their issue and Visiba Triage takes a history to pull out key clinical information.
  • The patient summary, with images, urgency and diagnoses are sent into the Clinical Assessment Service using their existing patient management platform.
  • Clinicians decide how best to manage the patient using the information provided and then feedback on the case when they close it.

Early outcomes include:

  • 38% more patient cases resolved with home management/no onward referral
  • Average patient rating of 4.4 out of 5

Average patient rating 4.4 out of 5


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continually improving accuracy

Medically-trained and validated

Red Robin uses a probability-based network, has been medically trained and is continually evaluated by doctors.

Informed by large volumes of medically reviewed real-world patient cases, Red Robin continuously learns under the guidance of a medical insights team.

There is absolute transparency around how Red Robin learns and comes to decisions - ensuring complete traceability and confidence in safety and accuracy.

smarter software. better healthcare.

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