Log in to Visiba Care as a healthcare professional

Due to safety reasons, every organisation using Visiba Care has a unique link, which professional users enter into their browser to log in. 

Where can I find my link to log in?

  • Check your email inbox: If you have been invited to access Visiba Care as a user, you will receive a welcome email with the subject Welcome to Visiba Care! from your virtual clinic. You can find all the information for logging in successfully there.
  • Ask a colleague who is also a user of Visiba Care for the right link. The link will have this format: If you have visited Visiba Care before, and depending on your browser and settings, this link may have been saved in your browser.
  • Could you contact the person in your organisation who is responsible for the collaboration with Visiba Care? This may be someone in the IT department, the digital transformation or development department or a business/project manager. This person can provide you with the link and your login details.

Do you need any more help? Please visit our help centre, where you can find more information or get in personal contact with our support team.
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