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We partner with specialist clinical providers to build world-beating solutions

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market-leading ai-enabled triage

Be part of the future of AI in healthcare

The advancement of AI in healthcare offers tremendous opportunity to both ease pressure and expand specialist knowledge.

We work with a limited number of specialist clinical partners to continue to advance our AI-enabled solution, sharing and showcasing specialist knowledge for mutual benefit.

We aim to build the safest, most accurate and most comprehensive AI-enabled triage tool in healthcare.

creating a world-class solution

Trainable AI-enabled triage

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Our AI-enabled triage solution (Red Robin) has been trained and validated by clinicians and real-world data from our unique clinical feedback loop. 

We aim to continue to develop Red Robin's capabilities by providing 'specialist clinical training' - much like that of a clinician. However, unlike a human brain, Red Robin has infinite capacity to learn and handle ever larger quantities of data and information.

Partnerships with world-renowned specialist clinical services enable us to advance the clinical capabilities of Red Robin.

We collaborate closely with partners to find the most effective ways of doing this without adding to already heavy workloads.

Partnerships are based on mutually beneficial commercial arrangements but with the aim of amplifying specialist knowledge and reputation.


Be part of the future of ai-enabled healthcare

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