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Visiba Care’s API Embassy: Optimising contact between patient and therapist

Selma Fallsen

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Visiba Care’s API Embassy enables external systems to integrate with the Visiba Care platform. First and foremost, to synchronise appointments between calendars, transfer patient information and allow patients to seamlessly move between the Visiba Care platform, external systems and content, for a better and more cohesive experience. Lysne Helse is one of our customers that has really optimised contact between patient and therapist – as a result of the integration with its supplier of clinical feedback tools, Norse Feedback. 

Lysne Helse is a private psychological clinic based in Oslo, which is owned and operated by psychologists. Lysne began working with Visiba Care in the autumn of 2020. With Visiba Care, Lysne Helse can offer a platform for digital dialogue with its patients. Patients can go into the app, select a therapist and book a video consultation from the times available. Because Norse Feedback is an important work tool for Lysne’s therapists, it was only natural to look at the possibilities of integrating Norse and Visiba Care.  

Norse Feedback 

Norse Feedback is a data-driven analysis tool for tracking patients’ symptoms and problem and resource areas, based on real-time data from patients. The prototype has been developed based on extensive research and clinical practice in mental health. The questions the patient receives depend on what answers are given in real-time to trigger questions, which are designed to reveal the symptoms and problem and resource areas of the individual. The algorithm that underlies it is based on research-based threshold values, which determine whether something is clinically relevant or not. The questions will therefore be perceived as meaningful by the individual patient throughout a course of treatment, while the therapist will easily receive useful and comprehensive information about the patient and their treatment, without this having to interfere with daily practice. 

Integration between Visiba Care and Norse Feedback 

Visiba Care integrates with Norse Feedback through our Embassy API (Application Programming Interface), which extracts and receives the information that is necessary to support the desired process. Automation of gathering patient information and appointments is an example of what the API can solve. Visiba Embassy is based on the global standard FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), a framework that is common in healthcare. 

The integration between Visiba Care and Norse makes it possible to automate sending Norse survey forms to Lysne’s patients in connection with booking appointments with Lysne’s psychologists.  

Vidar Ulset, founder of Lysne Health, sees the integration with Norse as very useful and something that simplifies things for both the psychologist and the patient.  

“The integration saves us a lot of time by avoiding so much time pressure; it provides a simple and clear flow for the psychologists and patients.”  – Vidar Ulset, Lysne Helse.

Hege B. Hopland-Nechita is Chief Operations Officer at Norse Feedback and is, like Visiba, committed to simplifying the everyday lives of users in every way. 

“Integration will automate and simplify the use of Norse.  Automatic collection of patient information and agreements, with the consequent automatic despatch of Norse surveys, means that the therapist can spend more time on therapy and less time on administrative matters.  Visiba optimises contact between patient and therapist, and Norse is tailor-made for exactly that, so Norse and Visiba fit like hand in glove.”  – Hege B. Hopland-Nechita, Norse Feedback 

How integration works in practice 

When a patient books an appointment in Lysne’s app, the booking information and information about the patient is shared with Norse Feedback through the API integration. Norse can then send an SMS text to the patient with a link to the correct form. The form is filled in before the scheduled meeting between patient and therapist. 

“Filling in the questionnaire is done on the patient’s mobile phone before the treatment session – without taking time from the treatment itself. In this way, the patient and therapist can use their time to the fullest, and precisely that time can be used to work together towards good health.” – Hege B. Hopland-Nechita

Patient and user involvement in focus 

Just as Norse Feedback has been developed to impvisrove clinical practice, the company has a full focus on continuous improvement and adaptation of the feedback system itself, through processing of statistical data and feedback from therapists and patients. Insights and feedback from a user perspective are essential to improve both existing and future health services.  

Integration between Visiba and Norse is a good example of how a simple solution between 2 different systems can provide great value for both healthcare professionals and patients. 

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